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08-20-2013, 03:45 PM
Although I was not one to yell at Into Darkness, I was disappointed at wasting such a good acting team and effects crew on such a weak script. Not as bad as ST#5, but not among the greats either.

That said, this clip showed things I'd never considered, and it did a great job mocking those points without having to scream at them.

I love the checklist at the end. I'm personally one who felt Old Spock, recognizing there were radical changes in the altered timeline, should have warned Starfleet, or at least Young Spock about the epic issues: space amoebas, colony parasitic back-huggers, planet killers, whales, V'ger, Botany Bay, Borg, etc. If he wanted to leave the less destructive ones for discovery, that's fine.