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# 5 Starfleet Data Logs CLASSIFIED
08-20-2013, 02:51 PM
Admiral Brun is on his way to fight the Borg again after 17 years of fighting an waiting for the borg he has lost everything an the ship he has is so CLASSIFIED that the U.S.S. PROMETHEUS Weapons, Shield are not in the Starfleet's Data records at all let's hope he can do it he has lost 85 crew an friends to the borg including his mom an dad so this fight is personal now an he will stand ground an he is heading to the borg's [ Alarms] (over Comms "all hands to battle stations, Red Alert, 150,000 Borg Tactical Cubes closing fast!" )

----------------------------------------Transmission Failure----------------------------------------------------------------------------------TIME RECIVED 17:48 Hrs----------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------SHIP WENT TO WARP---------------------------------------

------Starfleet Im going to defeat the borg------------- Received in subspace-------------------------------

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