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08-20-2013, 03:15 PM
Captain's Log, stardate 47619.4:

It is with a heavy heart that I must make this report. Seven weeks ago the Aquarius was ordered to the Grenthar system. It was a routine scientific survey that was vital to the Federation Colonization Corps. Starfleet wanted us to bring back some soil samples as well as atmospheric conditions on Grenthar four. A standard away team had beamed down being led by my chief of security and second officer, lieutenant Ch'Bok. I was in my ready room when I got a call over the com from my first officer Tozra Oshrem. She informed me that a Hirogen hunting vessel had entered the system and began scanning. As I walked onto the bridge, our away team called for emergency beam out because they were under attack from a hunting party on the surface. Unfortunately the ship had began it's attack and we were forced to raise our shields. We returned fire and after a heated battle we were able to force the ship to retreat. We beamed up the away team and that's when we found out. During the fight ensign Horad had been hit with a Hirogen weapon, killing him. He was a tactical officer that filled in during gamma shift and I had the pleasure of instructing him during my time on the shift. There will be an empty chair on gamma shift without him. He was a promising young officer and the Aquarius will miss him. The ship otherwise suffered minor damage in the battle and our port nacelle was damaged in a plasma storm. We will reach station Ticonderoga in thirteen hours. We will be ordered to sector 21505 immediately after repairs.

Captain Foley Commanding
End log.