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Like I said, I told them that they could choose to just add 2K Zen to my account; that way they still get the money that is equivalent, no need to deal with the credit card company to refund money and is an equitable solution because you cannot claim the Starter Pack twice, so paying twice for it is not fair to the customer.

The big thing with it is that you cannot use two Starter Packs. If you went to a store and bought item A, then later purchase Item B which has Item A included, you have two copies of Item A in which you can use both. Since we are dealing with virtual items which you cannot have multiples of on your account, it can be seen as paying twice and only receiving one item from a legal standpoint.

I'm not arguing your logic. I'm just correcting you on the idea that "Cryptic said" you get a discount on the Legacy Pack. Cryptic has never said that. Their only statements on that situation were what I quoted above.
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