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# 7 The Badlands
08-20-2013, 04:48 PM
Captain's log, Stardate 88883.18

The crew of the Stuttgart returns to Deep Space 9 after a four month survey of Sector 21305 that was only scheduled for three months. Our mission was a success, though perhaps a futile effort, and not without great cost.

The first month, during a geological survey of a previously undiscovered planet, we lost a promising, young lieutenant to unstable seismic activity. A rockslide trapped Lieutenant junior grade Harnon's leg under nearly a meter of magnesite. Unable to cut him out with phasers or beam him out, he sacrificed himself so the rest of the team could return to the ship. His personal belongings will be returned to his family on Psi Upsilon IV.

The second month, we ran afoul of a plasma storm. I needed to keep a half dozen crewmen restricted to quarters for bedrest to heal plasma burns and broken bones.

The third week of the third month, we discovered Cardassians. Remnants of the True Way. Three Galor-class starships appeared out of a plasma storm. Unshielded, the Stuttgart suffered heavy damage and was nearly destroyed. Fortunately, our ablative armor helped diffuse the damage. However, we lost a handful of crew members despite the best efforts of Dr. Sikez and her medical staff. I recommended Starfleet Command give them all commendations.

Using our cloaking device, we hid in the orbit of a nearby asteroid. Lieutenant Commander Moraine's engineering crew worked around the clock to repair the damaged systems.

The Stuttgart left the safety of the asteroid two weeks later. Almost as soon as we dropped our cloak, because of strain on the deflector dish, the three Galor-class ships returned. The True Way must have a way to exploit the Badlands. Or, perhaps the very nature of the Badlands makes hit-and-fade tactics successful. Quickly raising our shields, we were able to destroy two of the Cardassian ships with our quad phaser cannons. The third retreated.

We did not encounter any further resistance to our survey mission. Fortunate, since we were running on a skeleton crew.

The Badlands, however, remain a continually changing phenomenon. An accurate map of the region may prove to be impossible. At least for any useful length of time.

~Captain Devlin Ebinyarmin
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