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08-20-2013, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by goatfarmersfarm4 View Post
This is wrong you can't take away the cloak the whole reason I got the ship was for the cloak if this is how you will treat your life time players who spend money on the game I will take my money to a different game.
You don't buy a new car and have the dealer come back to you and say were taking windows off this model so now we gota take yours to be fair even tho you bought it because you wanted a care with windows. It should not have been on the lobi store or the lock boxes if you were not done changing the ship.... A very up set lifetime gold member player who has played since the game came out.
Wow. I mean really, wow.

The dev blog mentioned no cloak.

The in-game descriptions mentioned no cloak.

On release day, within hours, the developers came onto the forum telling us it was a mistake which would be fixed ASAP. You must have known it wasn't intentional, Elachi have never had cloaks - much less battle cloaks.

You knew going into this it was a bug, and if you didn't, then you didn't think about it enough.