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Hi gang, been awhile and I been busy like you wouldn't believe. But I am back now that things have settled down around me. lol

So this weeks topic from me.

What game would make a good TV show or Movie? We had a few in the past make a cross over.


Clue the Movie

Mario Brothers

even Street Fighter

So in your mind what game would be great as a TV show or Movie, be it board game or video game or whatever type game. Lets hear some ideas!

BTW I have two picks.

1. Mass Effect as a TV show. I think it could hold it's own as a weekly TV show, and it would be most excellent for viewing on a Friday night.

2. Star Wars The Force Unleashed as a Movie. Disney wants a spinoff movie, well this could be a great spinoff from the main story. Make it happen Disney, and many the Force be with us all.