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Captain?s Log Stardate: 91240.92

The U.S.S. Mattaguchi, a Galaxy class starship, has finally returned from its 12 month voyage aiding warships in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block and investigating rumors of a race known as the Elachi terrorizing our Romulan Republic Allies. The Voyage was hard on the ship, especially the crew. I lost many fine crewmen who fought off the borg when they boarded the ship in hopes of assimilating the Mattaguchi. Other times members of my crew dissappeard during investigations of the Elachi, never to be seen or heard from again even after I ordered all batterys of sensor equipment on the ship to find them.

The hardest loss to all of us aboard the ship was my second in command Da?karra Futantos Johannus. She died in the assault of Unimatris 001, when Starfleet ordered the Mattaguchi to join a joint taskforce Klingon and Federation ships to cover as task group that wanted to personally kill the Borg Queen. Da?karra kept us all together happy during thoughs turbulent times of borg attacks, the long list of ships and crew dead, she was instrumental in helping me negotiate many ceasefire engagements with the Klingons. In 0200 hours the Crew of the Mattaguchi will be holding a memorial in ten forward to salute thoughs that died for us to return home, to Earth.

I personally spoke to Admiral Quinn about Da?karra and requested that in honor of her sacrifice for the Mattaguchi, A ship be named after her and that she be posthumously promoted. It has been a long road, getting from here to there but hopefully we will once again be able to explore the galaxy more with less sacrificing of brilliant officers like Da?karra for the sake of war and peace.

Soon the Mattaguchi will be joining the Romulan Republic?s Federation Liason, SubCommander Elise in learning more about the Elachi and their connection to a Dyson Sphere. I fear more men will be lost in this venture but we are Starfleet and we all must do our duty as explores and upholders of justice and peace.

Vice Admiral Angolius Balthos, Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Mattaguchi
End Log.