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Captain's Log, Stardate 9286547.36
After a 4-month mission in the Pelia sector, I have to say that peace with the Undine (or species 8472) might be possible. The first month we were conducting research under the cloak of one of the most advanced starships that the Romulan Republic has to offer, The I.R.W. Poseidon, a Scimitar class dreadnought. We found a way to manipulate the Quantum Singularities that were randomly opened, so that we would turn the tide of the war against the Undine on our favour. The second month, however, we had a visit from two rogue Undine Dreanoughts, The Skaarth and the Toleron. Their captains, were brothers. We hailed them, and surprisingly they answered. We told them the nature of our research, and they told us that boh of them are not working in tandem with the rest. Basically, they want peace with humans and all the races of all the Quadrants. We negotiated a peace treaty between us and the two dreadnoughts. We were offered a helping hand in our research by their scientists and a little bit of information on the cause of the Quantum Singularities. The third month passed calmly but still we were on our guard. The fourth month also passed quite good beacuse the two Undine brothers packed up the courage and came to the bridge of the ship. We had a fantastic time telling stories and jokes. But the day of our departure something terrible happened. As we were doing a last minute scan of the system, all of the vessels picked up a huge object moving at us at velocities beyond the highest warp speeds we could ever achieve.
We could not believe what we were seeing. An Iconian Dreadnought named Kerthnal was hailing all of us. We responded. A tall creature made out of crimson fires stared at me and said "T'Vanto, you are considered a danger to the Iconian empire. I have to take you under custody for the destruction of the Obex and her crew. It would be unwise of you to resist."
Before the Iconian finished his sentence, with a wave of my hand I alerted my crew to battle stations. Then the Undine hailed us and we told them that the Iconians were responsible for the attacks on their world. All of us raised shields and the battle began. We managed to destroy the enemy's impulse and warp drive and our allies were holding it with tractor beams. By doing a subspace jump we managed to sneak behind them. We channeled every bit of available power into Auxiliary power and deployed the deadliest weapon on our vessel, the Thalaron pulse. Our allies got out of the way and the Iconian dreadnought suffered great crew loses and hull damge but they were still alive. We channeled all the power to weapons and shields and began infusing thalaron into our weapons's energy streams, turning them into molecular disintegrators. The Toleron had received a high yield torpedo volley which had knocked off their shields and almost destroyed the vessel. With the help of the Skaarth we managed to cripple the enemy ship. But the Iconians were preparing to fire another volley of torpedoes directly on the Poseidon and the Skaarth. But the captain of the Tolero began to move his ship at the dreadnought. He built up speed, rammed the dreadnought and exploded into millions of pieces along with the Iconian dreadnought. His last words were "We are not your enemies, Brother you must go before the high council and tell them about the attacks, and who is responsible for them." A quantum singularity was opened right after the battle and the captain of the Skaarth said "Go and take care. Goodbye friend." We left Fluidic space and we headed to Earth Spacedock. We began to count loses. out of the 3500 cre of the Poseidon the 1125 were killed in action. In that list were two of my most trusted engineers T'prel and Talsoth. Also my bridge officers were Injured. Tovan Khev was in coma for 2 weeks after he was hit in the head by a falling beam, Veril had her leg trapped under some debris and was nearly amputated but we managed to save the leg, Satra got hit in the chest by a fracture of a console and had to be operated to remove it, Obisek nearly lost his sight but he is going to be fine and Vinra lost her arm but she got a brand new robotic implant which has the exact same functionality and appearance as her lost arm, and it is a lot more stronger. After all this we had a memorial for the 1125 brave men and women who were lost in the engagement. The Skaarth also suffered casualties but we received a message saying that they are doing fine. I hope this engagement and the actions of the crews bring us one step closer to achieving peace with the Undine. All those men and women should be commented posthumously.
=========End of the log=======================
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