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08-21-2013, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by arnthebard View Post
So to the DEVS who could not figure this out SHAME ON YOU !!!! This makes me wonder why you have a job if a techie simpleton like myself can solve the launcher problem and you the so called experts couldn't.
This is not a solution. A solution would fix the problem so that it does not occur, and your so-called solution would be unnecessary.

This is a work-around, and a questionable one at that. Some of us have other important things on our PC and cant just restore anytime a single program stops working as expected.

The originally suggested work-around is much preferred over this one as it does not involve restoring the system. It merely moves the window back onto the screen, having the desired result, with minimal intervention, without affecting anything else.

SHAME ON YOU for for harassing the devs over your "techie simpleton" solution. Im sure they have a long list of bugs more important than this one to fix, and they do an awesome job at it. As a techie and a software developer I know little bugs like this can often be very hard to track down and squash.