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08-21-2013, 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by geekasylum View Post
This is not a solution. A solution would fix the problem so that it does not occur, and your so-called solution would be unnecessary.

This is a work-around, and a questionable one at that. Some of us have other important things on our PC and cant just restore anytime a single program stops working as expected.

The originally suggested work-around is much preferred over this one as it does not involve restoring the system. It merely moves the window back onto the screen, having the desired result, with minimal intervention, without affecting anything else.

SHAME ON YOU for for harassing the devs over your "techie simpleton" solution. Im sure they have a long list of bugs more important than this one to fix, and they do an awesome job at it. As a techie and a software developer I know little bugs like this can often be very hard to track down and squash.
Before you call my solution "BS" you should know I tried the posted workarounds and NONE of them worked. I tried flushing my DNS Cache I tried uninstalling and re-installing the game heck I even went through every possible facet with my ISP "Windstream". None of those worked. I even went so far as to replace my modem. That wasn't the issue. Truth be told the issue was with Cryptic a problem with thier server patcher and and Verizon. It is not my fault someone used a piece of broken code. If this were the first time the launcher had a issue it wouldn't be a problem. But this has been and continues to be a nagging consistent problem everytime Cryptic launches some new season. As a paying customer I expect they should use their talents to make sure the updates don't interfere with the launcher. Besides, since when are the Devs interested in fixing bugs? There are plenty since day one that have been ignored. Like the one where your landing party simply drops off the map into the ground and fights enemies you cannot see or interact with . Be honest, they are more interested in rolling out new lockboxes. So yes someone needs to hold them accountable. So lifers like myself will do this until they fix the bugs.

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