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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
The pinch can be delievered quickly from behind, reliably causes extended unconsciousness, and carries no risk of self injury. Higher reliability and lower risk sounds pretty logical to me.
It may be sneakier and more successful than a punch but it still requires you to be in close range and in the (unlikely) event that it didn't work you could find yourself in the same situation as you had with a punch.

That being said it has far less energy expenditure to the point where it can be done on multiple targets with both hands, as seen in TOS. Leaving you with more energy and ability to do other things, such as run away or block a tertiary attack.

I did love part of City on the Edge of Forever where Spock does it to an unsuspecting Police officer who is about to arrest him on the pretense that he is fixing something on the mans collar for him.
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