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08-21-2013, 10:34 AM
I think that grinding to get a rep level, so that you can grind to open up an item to be bought in the store so that you can grind to buy the item is bad planning. It also means that as a player, I wont open up any item till I can put mark 12 items in the store and only grind that. I don't have the kind of time that some more hardcore player has to get all these unlocks done.

I hate to use this example but, WoW's rep system is laid out so that you can be a casual player and still gain the rep. The rep unlocks access to gear that you can purchase using special currencies. STO could do the same thing, the Rep unlocks the access in the store for the items and then you use the marks to buy the stuff. And instead of using marks to open the rep up, using gaining rep points from fighting those units.

SO to get Omega points fight Borg anywhere. The you're building a rep of being a borg killer. Why not do it by killing Borg? This would allow more than STF's to gain the reps and open it up to do more than just STF's to progress in this game. Nukara rep would be by fighting Tholians and Romulan Rep wuld be by fighting Romulans. It's more intuitive and more realistic. As you prove yourself worthy, you get better gear.