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@jonnaroslyn - now I want to know about the sparkles, and about the incident itself. Was the admiral the one with the cracked helmet? Were the color changes due to hypoxia as her air leaked out, was it something the sparkles did, or was it something else? How did sparkles overload a plasma conduit? Enquiring minds want to know!

Sshhh, you're asking too many questions, it's classified! But nope, it wasn't her helmet, it belonged to the crewman whose death Corspa feels guilty about. The colours were caused by the sparkles, if you want, and the overload too.
But to be quite honest, I haven't really put that much thought into the incident itself. I was more interested in how the crew (or at least the senior officers) deal with the aftermath of a mission where in the end you're torn between being happy and amazed at what you've got out of it, and mourning the friends and colleagues that you've lost.

I'll take your questions as a sign that I did a half-way decent job with it, though