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08-21-2013, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by tilarium1979 View Post
Brandon, I think part of the problem is that these are coming way to fast and the starbase and embassy have been forgotten. Small fleets can't keep up with the pace these are coming. When it was once project a month that was perfect, they were far enough apart and alternating between the base and embassy was perfect because it gave the small fleets a chance to get them all. My fleet is so small that, as cool as some of these are, we aren't even able to go inside the mine yet.

If I recall it correctly the dilithium mine was intended to HELP small fleets with their projects and finally get their holdings done. Instead, with the speed those special projects come out additionally with up to now 10(!) progression-related projects (3 regular starbase projects + 1 upgrade, 2 regular embassy-projects + 1 upgrade, 2 regular mine-projects + 1 upgrade), I feel like the devs point their fingers at us and say: "Hey, losers, we don't care how far you are, we throw out project #5 to show you how much small fleets SUCK!"

I'm actually afraid of season 8 as it will throw a FOURTH holding at us, with even more projects to feed... the grade of difficulty in fleet progress for small fleets will then increase from "steeply rising" to "impenetratable wall", resulting in a stand-still that will break our fleets' necks.