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08-21-2013, 01:26 PM
Hello Starfish1. While working on a spreadsheet, I was chugging my way through your chart (such a work of Art, my friend!) and I noticed a couple of nits that could do with picking:

  • The NX Class Light Escort offers +5 to Weapons Power (none is listed on your chart).
  • The Tholian Recluse offers +5 Engine Power, +10 Auxiliary (instead of just +5 Aux listed).
  • Several ships (ex: Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit) have a sub-note that they "Can also be accessed as a character unlock by redeeming the Life Time Subscription VA Token" - As a point of clarification, the VA Token is available as part of the Veteran Rewards. Anyone subscribed for 600 days will also get access to VA Tokens. Not just LTS subscribers (though LTS does not have to wait 600 days, they get it immediately upon purchase). May I suggest: "Can also be accessed as a character unlock by redeeming LTS/Veteran VA Token"?
  • The Armitage's console is misspelled (Torpedo Point Defence should be Defense).
  • The Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit should be listed as having the same Advanced Transwarp Drive as the non-Fleet version (as opposed to simply "Transwarp Drive" as is now listed).

Thanks again for the hard work!

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