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Review laced with spoilers, don't read if you don't want to.

It's full of holes and questionable logic:
How far away is Qo'nos meant to be from Earth? The 4 days at below Warp 5 in Enterprise was bad enough, but the pacing of STID implies it's about half an hour away.
We're expected to believe that Admiral Marcus, decided to put together his plan for a more militaristic Starfleet together, found Khan, built the Vengeance (and possibly the base where the Vengeance was constructed. I doubt he'd have successfully hidden it on Utopia Planitia), and decided to start a war with the Klingons, with time for Khan to turn on him, in a year? That's "build the most powerful ship in the Quadrant at a secret base with the help of a people so subjugated that they're only used as expendable dilithium miners and suicide troops" (aka. Scimitar) levels of BS.
Why is the Starfleet equivalent of a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff not protected at all?
Are there no engineers on the Enterprise other than Keenser who might be better suited to replacing Scotty than Ensign Crusherov?

And there's plenty other stuff I could harp on about, but I'll take too long.

Still, it's not the only Star Trek production to not be tightly plotted. If you ignore all the errors in the details and strip it back to its bare bones, it's plausible enough, and does a good job of bringing Khan into the equation. 4/10

I like that Kirk is generally less brash and arrogant than in XI, which is a big improvement, but I would've liked his demotion to last more than five minutes. Spock is all over the place. Have the writers of Star Trek become incapable of doing anything with Vulcans other than have them fail to repress their emotions, y'know, the thing their whole society is supposed to do lest it nearly destroy itself again? Uhura is just there to be Spock's girlfriend (congratulations, we're now less progressive than in the 60s). Carol Marcus is there for no reason other than to be Carol Marcus. I honestly don't remember being either impressed or unimpressed with McCoy.

In terms of bad guys, Khan is plausible, Admiral Marcus isn't. It was his plan all along to destroy the Enterprise? Why? If they'd done their job perfectly from scratch, he wouldn't have needed to.

On the plus side, I like Scotty in it, and Sulu's brief cameo in the Captain's chair is good. 3/10

Cinematics / Action: Probably the high point. The action sequences are well shot and directed, and if you're into OTT stunts and superhero movies, it's a reasonable visual treat. It's maybe not completely suited to Trek, but I liked Khan's battle with the Klingons, because it immediately flagged him as an Augmented human (y'know, if you'd lived under a rock and didn't know he was going to be Khan). I also like that they had Spock, who's more of a physical match for Khan fight him rather than Kirk, although the fight itself was a bit ridiculous. 7/10

Overall, I'd give it a 4 or 5 out of 10.

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