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08-21-2013, 04:02 PM
good action movie, but no movie for 30+ star trek fans

it's a movie for a new generation of star trek fans, not for the hardcore trekkers. It definately has the power to spark interest into star trek with young folks, but the general over 30 "convention goer" is dissapointed with the lack of lore accuracy and absence of science.

but i think jj abrams was fully aware that he was making a movie for people that were not already sold on star trek...those 10% of movie goers isn't a market to capitalize on anyway.

general audiance has certain expectations, and those were fullfilled.
during the 2 hours in the cinema i was never bored, which is something i can't say about the rest of all star trek movies.

bringing khan into the film was something to connect the already star trek semi fans that had seen earlier films with the movie...and quite frankly the khan character is one of the most recognised nemesis of the franchise thanks to the "khaaaaaan!!" going viral on the internet.
was only logical to get this into the movie from a writers and producers point of view...brand recognition!
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