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# 33 Elachi loss of cloak
08-21-2013, 04:33 PM
You still have not addressed the issue the ship should not have been for sale with a cloak if it didn't come with it. Your announcement that it was a mistake was in the forums after it was for sale and not an in game msg to notify the players of this mistake. I bought the ship because it had a cloak I had no way of knowing that it was not suppose to be there. It should not have been put on sale or taken off sale as soon as the mistake was found so that this did not happen or at least an in game repeating msg so people knew of this issue . You did none of this because to do so would have hurt your sales. Because of the handling of this I feel I have been cheated by the game. I have been playing this game since it came out I have a life time subscription i have always been a loyal player. I have never felt unfairly treated by this game till now, something need to be done to fix this it would be a shame to loose a player's like me but i can't play a game I feel that treats me unfairly. I know others that I talked to that feel the same way about this issue.