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08-21-2013, 05:21 PM

There is a fine line between paying homage to another movie and simply ripping it off. This movie crossed that line.

To me the JJ movies scream "I must make a Star Trek movie. But I don't really want to make a Star Trek movie. So I do everything different. First of all I want an awesome ship like a Star Destroyer! What, there is an older ship I must copy for it to be Star Trek? WTF, it looks like a plastic duck. Okey wait, I'll just add TONS AND TONS AND TONS of lights and moving parts to it!
Now for a cool alien race I want evil space orcs from HELL!!!! What, I must include Klikons? Kwigwons? Oh Klingons, what the hell are those? God they look horrible, I want orcs in my movie like in LOTR! Okey I'll just make them look like evil space orcs, and call them Klingons!
Prime Directive? WTH people I can't take all these silly restrictions into consideration when I'm copying...err writing... the script. Okey, tell you what, I'll sacrifice 5 minutes of my movie to show the crew breaking the prime directive! That'll show those Trek fans!"

i.e. I'm not a big fan.

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