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08-21-2013, 05:41 PM
"good action movie, but no movie for 30+ star trek fans

it's a movie for a new generation of star trek fans, not for the hardcore trekkers. It definately has the power to spark interest into star trek with young folks, but the general over 30 "convention goer" is dissapointed with the lack of lore accuracy and absence of science."

As a "30+ star trek fan", I must ask you stick to how you feel about it and let the rest of us speak for ourselves. I've been watching trek since I was a kid (TOS reruns), all the shows, all the movies (though I can't say I've ever done a convention)...

And I have found the last two movies to be a welcome surprise. If lore inaccuracy is the price to be paid for an excuse to write new Kirk and Spock movies, then I'm all for it. I honestly can't get too worked up over any of that, i don't think it's the point of Star Trek.

I'd give STID 8/10. I am not sure how to compare it to the original movies, but I certainly like it better than all the TNG movies.

I do agree that it is the best Star Trek movie for non-trekkers (even my mom and sister liked it), but in no way does that diminish it for me. It manages the tough task of bringing in newcomers and satisfying old fans admirably, IMHO.