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I have a cruiser and escort with Japanese names. My escort is named "Ikazuchi" Japanese for thunder, and a name they give to navy destroyers, so fitting for an escort. My cruiser is named "Kongo" a Japanese mountain that they named a WW2 battleship after. Once i get a Armitage (been putting it off so I an buy with dil instead of spending money) I will name it "Shokaku" Japanese WW2 aircraft carrier meaning "Flying Crane".
Hope I don't sound overly pedantic, but: Kongo was a battlecruiser built by the British (for Japan, who was then an ally) in 1913, along with her three sister ships, Kirishima, Hiei, and Haruna. She was rebuilt between WWI and WWII, with better armor (but not great like the Yamato and Musashi had), and better boilers (oil-burning ones replacing the original coal-burning ones) helped give her better speed, among other things. I believe she and her sisters were considered fast battleships in WWII. Kirishima and Hiei were sunk in naval battles near Guadalcanal in 1942. Kongo was sunk in the South China Sea by the submarine USS Sealion II in 1944. Haruna survived the longest, sunk by US carrier aircraft in a Japanese port (Kure?) in 1945.

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