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08-21-2013, 05:47 PM
I have 2 new KDF characters that I've started after LoR, both got the tournament trophy with no problems whatsoever. Has it occured to you that this may be a bug that is affaecting you alone or just a few people?
I for one, can't buy a Targ pet from the C-Store for a year now and yet all my friends that have KDF chars can.

Also, has it occured to you that bug-fixes on the KDF side are so scarce that the KDF players have given up complaining about minor ones, because the chances of something like that being fixed are once in a blue moon on the 30-th of February. You can take the Marauding Boff, my Targ issue, the missing floor in 'Blood of the Empire' or the customization of the fleet ships as few of the prime examples.
Besides, there's the "Master list of KDF issues" here now, so KDF players usually state any issues they encounter there, so players and devs. can have the problems in clear sight in one place.

You could have done that and stated your issue there, it would have been cross-checked by other players and confirmed wheather it's a general bug or a single issue. But please, don't let logic stand in the way of the trolling nature of your thread and it's title.
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