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Originally Posted by pulserazor View Post
im pretty sure I saw somewhere long ago that iconic ships werent intended to ne end game ships you would see in every game because of Paramount. I for one am quite satisfied I dont have to see Jean Luk Picard of the USS Enterpryse every time I look around.

Oh wait, I do.
The Excelsior is pretty iconic, not a lot of screen time, but iconic. Especially in the sense it was the most common ship included in the next generation.

What I would say is that there are probably some things planned, and I bet the GalX could be one of them, but they are sitting on them because they are rationing the items they put out. They aren't going to be rewarded as much for putting out a blurb of content once every couple years, like game sequels, as much as they are giving piecemeal episodes.

The unfortunate part of this type of game model is development is limited to past mistakes or inability to maintain balance AND seldom heavy spikes of content and shinies is not as profitable as routine meager additions.
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