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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
Sisko put a reprimand on Worf's record which he (Sisko) said would almost certainly mean he (Worf) would never be given command of a starship...
True, but if I remember correctly, that was before Worf killed Gowron, saving the war for all the good guys by restoring the Klingons to fighting strength, appointing his BFF Martok as Chancellor (buying substantial influence to bring to bear), led the attack on a vital Dominion shipyard, killed the top Dominion Vorta (which only caused a delay thanks to cloning but massive points for the effort), captained the Defiant in the desperate attempt to stop the Borg at Earth, and served as Federation Ambassador to Quo'nos (reinforcing Martok's influence). All of which were unknown to Sisko at the time he made that statement.