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08-21-2013, 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Can you guys, you know, not go skipping off to every freakin Con in the country? No wonder why there's so many bugs, no one's ever in the office. You guys are always off goofing off at Cons and probably getting paid to boot cause it's 'work related'!
I'm assuming this was a joke, but will respond as though it is not.

No one on the dev team, to my knowledge, has attended any Star Trek Conventions in the past year, other than Las Vegas 2 weeks ago, and San Francisco last November.

Brandon may attend more, I don't know, but for the most part, while we're offering the Holo Leeta Doff at all of these other conventions, it's from afar.
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Tacofangs, what is your beef with where's Sulu?