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True, but if I remember correctly, that was before Worf killed Gowron, saving the war for all the good guys by restoring the Klingons to fighting strength, appointing his BFF Martok as Chancellor (buying substantial influence to bring to bear), led the attack on a vital Dominion shipyard, killed the top Dominion Vorta (which only caused a delay thanks to cloning but massive points for the effort), captained the Defiant in the desperate attempt to stop the Borg at Earth, and served as Federation Ambassador to Quo'nos (reinforcing Martok's influence). All of which were unknown to Sisko at the time he made that statement.
That is of course true, but, it wasn't just a reprimand for a disciplinary infraction such as brawling in Quark's or drunk on duty, but for a very specific lapse in judgement which was incompatible with command. It was essentially like failing the bridge officer's test (which he was never shown to have taken, as his rank was never elevated to Commander) and equally, as much as I love Worf (in a totally non-homo way ) and think he's a badass, he has never shown any kind of development of personal moral character, but instead, always shows himself as rather lacking in that area... (initially fobbing Alexander off on his foster-parents, his behaviour towards Ezri Dax etc) I simply don't believe that Worf's is capable of having that 'moment of clarity' which would enable him to grow as a person and be capable of making that kind of decision again in a way which would enable him to 'pass the test'. By contrast, by the time of the Dominion war, Nog had proven beyond doubt that he was no longer the scheming punk he was in Emissary, but had grown into the model of a Starfleet officer. Worf, on the other hand, was exactly the same as when he objected to commanding the saucer section in Encounter at Farpoint... Oh sure, Worf could probably order an underling to their death, but a close friend or family member, no chance -- he just doesn't have the stones for it. IMHO, he would never be fully suitable for a command situation as he doesn't have the capacity within him to make the necessary emotional steps...