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08-22-2013, 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Resource Discount: For each character that reaches T5, other characters on the account get a cumulative resource discount for that Rep, perhaps 5%. For example: when our first character gets to T5 in Omega, our other characters get 5% off their Omega project costs (marks, dil, commodities, etc.), when another gets to T5 the rest get 10% off, etc. If you get four T5 Nukara Rep toons, your other alts get 20% off Nukara resources. And so on. The more toons you have, the higher discount rate you get. If necessary, put a cap, but it should be high like 50-80%. I mean to get an 80% discount means you've Rep-leveled 16 characters to T5... You deserve the break.
I have ten alts and I do reputation simultaneously on all of them. I wouldn't get any discount if they introduced something like that. The alternative: 1,5 year if I'm gonna do the reputation on one character at a time. No thanks.