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Spock taught it to Kirk, though he failed when he tried to do it. McCoy attempted it while he was carrying Spock's katra but failed - his failure was blamed on his arthritis. As for non-vulcans who did succeed: Picard did it successfully a couple times, first in Starship Mine. Odo did it in Paradise Lost, and Seven of Nine did it several times.

I remember Bones's failed attempt, but figured since he was human and failed, it didn't count. Though if it is just a special nerve ending abuse, I guess that doesn't make sense, so yeah, his arthritis makes sense.

Picard is understandable, since he had a full mind meld with Sarek and Spock, so it makes sense there is some latent knowledge lurking around (Sarek did say a part of him would always be with Picard now).

Seven.... I really don't remember her using it, but I can kinda.... sorta accept. Vulcans were assimilated, so it stands to reason the knowledge of how to do it would be in the collective, and thus Seven knows how to do it. Still..... it does dilute the specialness of the attack.

Odo has no excuse though.

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