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Originally Posted by grylak View Post
I remember Bones's failed attempt, but figured since he was human and failed, it didn't count. Though if it is just a special nerve ending abuse, I guess that doesn't make sense, so yeah, his arthritis makes sense.

Picard is understandable, since he had a full mind meld with Sarek and Spock, so it makes sense there is some latent knowledge lurking around (Sarek did say a part of him would always be with Picard now).

Seven.... I really don't remember her using it, but I can kinda.... sorta accept. Vulcans were assimilated, so it stands to reason the knowledge of how to do it would be in the collective, and thus Seven knows how to do it. Still..... it does dilute the specialness of the attack.

Odo has no excuse though.
Seven did it first in The Raven.

Odo has the same excuse as Data - both have superior strength and much better motor control than most humanoids, Odo has talked about how his body works and how humanoid bodies are put together almost as if its a hobby.

It's clearly just a pressure point, nothing requiring touch telepathy as Nimoy originally stated. On Voyager, the Doctor even managed to detect the nerve trauma from a botched pinch.

It's never made entirely clear why it's so difficult for non-Vulcans to do it if it doesn't involve telepathy. For that matter, it's never really made clear why it works at all - several human martial arts are well aware of pressure points in the shoulder, but none of them can cause unconsciousness, only extreme pain and temporary (often less temporary) paralysis.