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08-22-2013, 06:54 AM
Let me add that is mostly ALL the Gorn has for a trait.... Physical Strength Boost...

Other things are only 5% Resistance to Plasma, Melle And Fire....

Therefore, Most Nerfed, And Therefore Most "Canon Unbased Race" In STO

Im not saying Gorn should be able to wisthstand boulders falling on them from a cliff... (Episode TOS: Arena) Or... being able to pick up 2,000+ Pound Boulders, But They are VERY MUCH Nerfed.

IMO, Gorn should be one of those such a unique race, they only HAVE Melle.... (I know, sounds Dumb... let me finish)

Their Melle Shoud Be Boosted To 30%... Maybe Even 35-50% (Due to the 50% Shield Penet)

They Should Get "Weapon Slots" that includes the Possible Following:

Rocks, (AoE Melle) Special Melle Gauntlets For Gorn (Stronger Melle, But Less Shield Penetration), And Basic Melle Weapons

For Kits, Should Be:

Pounce (Like S'tass in "Second Wave" ) Gorn Basic Attacks (Like Sweeping Strikes)
Pulverize (Punches Hard and Knocks to Ground, Stunning For A Short Time) AND Finnaly, BITE!

This is pretty much a mash-up. Also, for sake of the Carrer Kits Being "INVALID" so to speak... I suggest you boost the Gorn's health to as much as a Holdch/Raw'qu... (The Raise In Health Seems More Legit) OR Have Gorn Traits For Each Carrer that can act like this:

TACTICAL: Bonus Crit Chance



(I tought of this...)However, the Carrer Lvl UP Skills Will Be the Same, I.E. Sensor Scan, Etc.

(New Idea) You Get Basic Gorn Skills: Handle Saurs, Regenerative Gorn Cell Tool (Damage Resistance Buf/ HEalth Boost) Rage (Add Damage) And... Gorn Team (Gives A Boost To Team Melle And Health Rengeneration

Now, I know there has to be a GOOD REASON to do this... and IMO, if we REALLY go by Canon... This is It... I dont want them to be Q melle... I just want to be a true, brute Gorn. I hope this can pass... I will try to Edit/ Add More Later to this post.

PLEASE CRYPTIC, I Would Like To Know Your Thoughts.
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