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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
As far as I can tell, the racial hierarchy of innate melee damage bonuses goes:

Ferasan (27.5%) > Klingon (22.5%) > Caitian = Orion (20%) > Gorn (17.5%) > Romulan = Vulcan = Nausicaan (15%) > everything else.

This is the straight melee or physical damage bonus either from the racial trait or access to the Physical Strength trait. Not counting knockback or expose/exploit or crit bonuses. Knockback chance is the same for Roms and Vulcans as it is for Gorn. (15%)

I don't like the fact that the Gorn are that much "weaker" than the Klingons or Ferasans or especially the Orions, and I really don't like that the damage bonus is only to melee and not to all physical damage (like sonic pulse, grenades and mortars) but we do get Bite, and we do get to put Creative on a Tac, which lets Lunge do terrible things to people.

I think we're alright overall in balance, except for the melee/physical distinction.
And on this note... its like saying a Cat Will Win A Fight Against a Alligator in A Swamp.. XD

Added}+ And saying Klingons and Oroins can pick up 2000 Pound Bolders.... and Gorn can't.... XD XD XD XD XD... AS WELL AS CATS!!!!
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