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08-22-2013, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by mosul33 View Post
Yes my friend. Elite PvP heroes got killed in their OP ships, started to cry and the console was nerfed to crap instaid of actually fixing it not to afect captains powers, or even toned it down a bit.
And dont belive all the propaganda about the console been buffed, its really embarrassing to see how they praise this change when even common sense tells u this was made useless.
A +25% out of crap damage result in a crap damage aswell. Not to mention replacing, if u look at boff skill availability, a Lt.Com skill with a mere Ensign skill wich is easy to counter and nobody cared/wanted anyway.
Even if it was OP its shouldnt been rendered useless. There were soo many suggestions ppl gave but no feedback was taken into consideration.
Put him up against the wall. **roflstomp** ensues.