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My issues with KDF gameplay and it's definitely not Cyptic's fault:

1. No one ever queues for Star Base Defense: I've queued for as long as the ENTIRE event time. Never made it above 6 people.

2. No one queues for Daily events: Big Dig, Breaker The one queues. So that two events were easy fleet marks (50) and the potential for over 100 is lost.

3. Lack of ability it Mind Trap, STF's and any other map where some semblance of strategy is required: Been in majority KDF mind traps, super poor performance; Elite Conduit: always some KDF mental midget in a Raptor not leaving 10%.; Elite Stasis: KDF's with no clue as to how this map works or just intentionally ruining it.; Elite Cure space and Elite Cure ground don't even attempt these in a PuG, everyone is horrible, this is a fleet only attempt or you are just going to waste your time.

So that's what I see and I play almost every day. The apathy on the KDF side is omnipresent. I log into my KDF fully expecting a solo play style. I do doff mission for resources, very rare doffs and accolades and don't even look at the chat bar.