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Originally Posted by topset View Post
I think there's a huge distinction to be made here.

There's a huge difference between "Good space action adventure film" and "Good star trek film"

JJ's trek films are certainly great action adventure flicks, they're well written and produced (minus all the lensflares) they have a good story and are generally speaking excellent pieces of literature.


And it's a big but (heh), they don't feel like Star Trek to me. That means, I don't perceive them as good star trek films. If they had called it: "Trek Wars: Into Darkness" and had a different (new) IP, we would all love it.

But they didn't, they blew up Vulcan, pissed on the canon and alienated the original cult fanbase in order to get a new wider fanbase.
I don't feel alienated, and I started watching Star Trek with TAS.

Seriously, I think that if Gene could have made TOS with modern special effects and an equally large budget he would have made something very similar to the new movies. Not EXACTLY the same, but similar.

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