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Originally Posted by captainhunter1 View Post
I support this thread 100%.

M'Ress hairstyles For The Win! (no more bald (i.e. non-canon) Caitians please )

As for paws, there has been a tiny bit of progress here. Although it is very hidden - the Risa Beachcomber outfit lets your Captain go barefoot...and with Caitians...the bare feet are actual paws!

Honestly this should be an open option for all Caitains - not just for those who have the Beachcomber outfit. And the sad part of this is that the outfit is only usable on your Captain. Your Bridge Officers can't use 'off duty' clothing so they can't even use this 'hidden' option.

Again the bare paws option should be standard for all Caitians. M'Ress didn't wear boots.
Beachcomber is a start, but as you said, it needs to be on all uniforms.
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