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08-22-2013, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by pegasuscic View Post
...Purists seem to be under some false illusion that this Spock is like Nimoy's Spock....
not related to your post at all, I just wanted to point something I noticed that this statement made me remember:


I watched Quinto's Spock and I also just got done re-watching Spock on the original series via netfix.

Zackary did very very well in emulating the original Spock, he even got Nimoy's 'walk' very close ( it hit me hard when Nimoy was walking out of the doorway on an episode and I thought to myself "oh my gawd, they even walk the same too !!" ).

The new movies did a very good homage to the original series actors in this aspect ... there were many moments in the two recent movies where I physically laughed aloud because I caught on to their very well played ( and well thought out and practiced ) homages.

Pine got 'Shatner Kirks' mannerisms down good too I thought.

ok...back to the thread.,