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"Star Trek: Enterprise", "Star Trek: Nemesis", and "Star Trek: Into Darkness" solidify why the franchise needs to be put on hiatus.

"Star Trek: Enterprise" recycled too many story elements from across the entire franchise.

"Star Trek: Nemesis" recycled and cannibalized too many "Star Trek: The Next Generation" elements.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" recycled and cannibalized too many "Star Trek: The Original Series", "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" elements.

"Star Trek" needs to go into a twenty to thirty year hiatus, so that a very new visionary can create "Star Trek: The Third Generation". Its time for the franchise to gracefully age on the shelf.

"Star Trek: Nemesis" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness" created the same sins.
Truthfully.... many of your complaints are things I LIKED about those. Seriously.... making a prequel that doesn't revisit anything is an idiotic idea, and while some new stuff is good, you NEED to have races that have been seen before. I'd have absolutely loved seeing first contact with the Rigelians for example.

Seeing the Kriosians pop up was absolutely AWESOME!!!! It's the sort of thing they should have done more often instead of devoting an entire season to the Time War. But that being said I loved the Suliban.... I was bummed to see Silik die.

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