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Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
I am in complete agreement...
Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
I agree with every word in the two posts above.
Thanks guys!

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I'll add- I would really like a project in each rep system to convert one type of marks into another...
This wouldn't be a bad idea... If we're gonna have a zillion currencies (you know, like they said they wouldn't when they consolidated them in the past? lol), then having some sort of Mark Converter would be great (which they used to have when we had Badges, Marks, Emblems, and whatnot).

Originally Posted by jjumetley View Post
I have ten alts and I do reputation simultaneously on all of them. I wouldn't get any discount if they introduced something like that. The alternative: 1,5 year if I'm gonna do the reputation on one character at a time. No thanks.
I have 14 characters. Seven of them are all done with all three Reps, three are half-done (or better), and the rest have barely begun if at all. I do Reps on 2-4 of them at a time... For various reasons. Mostly because I only have time to run 2-4 characters worth of missions every day, I'm impressed you can run 10 STFs, Nukura, and Romulan missions a day! (Yes, I know you wouldn't have to run all of them every day, and Epohhs makes Romulans easier, but still, that's a lot of missions to do every day!) But there are other reasons... Not all my toons were "ready" to run STFs or weren't fully leveled, etc. Or maybe I just didn't want to play that Alt for some reason at this time.

The idea isn't just for existing toons, but also if you make new ones. So far I've only made one Romulan (Sci), but I've intents to make 2 more (Tac/Eng). If you made a new toon (maybe not a Romulan, but say a fourth faction comes out), you'd have a discount then.

If you don't like that option you're quoting, or it wouldn't help you, I did list two others, and the last one sounds like it might be helpful for your playstyle.

Failing that, have you an alternative suggestion for how to make the Rep System more Alt Friendly?

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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