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08-22-2013, 10:11 AM
I just realized the tone of my post might have been taken as angry or something but I assure you it was not I also appreciate your efforts to come up with a sound solution to the problem.

I'm impressed you can run 10 STFs, Nukura, and Romulan missions a day!
It's not like that

First I gather enough marks to finish T3 on all characters. Only then I start with the projects and in the meantime I gather the rest. One day I do grinding on a few characters the next day on a few other toons.

It's just easier for me to buy commodities needed for a certain tier at once for all the characters.

And I never had to do three reputations simultaneously The two latest characters do Nukara like the others but they still have to go through Omega and Romulan reputation.