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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
I have 14 characters. Seven of them are all done with all three Reps, three are half-done (or better), and the rest have barely begun if at all. I do Reps on 2-4 of them at a time... For various reasons. Mostly because I only have time to run 2-4 characters worth of missions every day, I'm impressed you can run 10 STFs, Nukura, and Romulan missions a day! (Yes, I know you wouldn't have to run all of them every day, and Epohhs makes Romulans easier, but still, that's a lot of missions to do every day!) But there are other reasons... Not all my toons were "ready" to run STFs or weren't fully leveled, etc. Or maybe I just didn't want to play that Alt for some reason at this time.
I have over 10 alts and I'm working the rep on all of them. I do only 2-4 missions a day. Not 2-4 for each. 2-4 total among all of them (typically just for 1 or 2). I have 7 of them maxed out in Romulan and Omega and everyone is t3 or higher in all the others. I estimate I'll have all of them at t5 somewhere around Feb 2014 and I'm cool with that. It's going much faster than I originally anticipated. Also I always forget that T4 is halfway to the end not 1/3 of the way haha.

I've never yet done 10 STFs in one day. Don't plan to ever do that either. Rep has been out for a while. And unless you PvP the only reason to make it a grind is because of a lack of patience. The gear's not going away. If anything better stuff might come out before you buy something and end up with buyer's remorse.

We already have people in this very thread saying "oh woe is me I already ground too much so now if they make it easier I won't benefit". Don't be that guy. #1 let some other schmo burn themselves out while you cruise along and enjoy the ride. #2 if you do rush to the end, at least have the grace to recognize what you got out of it was enjoying the reward for an extra 5 months compared to the guy who hasn't even gotten it yet.

Failing that, have you an alternative suggestion for how to make the Rep System more Alt Friendly?
To me, as much as the game got things off, I think Star Wars did something fascinating with Alts. Are you aware of the Legacy system for it? Each of your alts that maxes out something (character companion story arcs, hits max level, etc) unlocks passive bonuses based on giving all characters a taste of that character's abilities. Sort of like, as if getting a level 50 science officer gives all your engineers and tacs one science ability (edit: I'm not recommending this is how to implement it, as this would be severly broken, I'm just saying it as an example so you understand how the system works even if you don't know anything about that MMO's mechanics).

I would rather see this built into the rep system. Discounts are a bad idea no matter how you apply them. account bound gear is a bad idea unless it's mark 11 tops. (Edit to the edit: Champions has "heirloom gear" which is the mechanical equivalent of STOs blue levelless gear that maxed out heroes can ear and give to alts. Adding "Heirloom" projects at t4 and t5 might be a way to implement account bound gear. It's never as good as the Mark 12, but your alts could have a full romulan or reman set as soon as they can access the account bank. I could get behind this as it also gives us something to do with the omega and romulan marks that pile up once you're done building a character's stuff).

But tweak the passives, give some skills, etc. IF YOU LEVEL DIFFERENT TYPES OF ALTS. Make there be a reason to have a klingon science officer that gives all your alts something that a fed engineer wouldn't get.

THIS would be the way to do it.

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