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*Kai is on his way back as back at the wee corner of the Galaxy into Iconian space. Where the Iconian's have found not just a relic but a relay.. But no messages have gone out as ONI occupies the facility. The Iconian leader of the facility stand before Stane *

Shozan: Stane... We have been expecting you. Come.. Have you gotten the power source?

Stane: My associate is on his way. Last I heard he does indeed have it. This is the relay?

Shozan: Indeed *hits the screen panels revealing a long tubular device massive in scope making most vessels today seem like toys. Except dreadnaughts and heavy cruisers. *

Stane: Perfect.. How have your tanks gone?

Shozan: Our Telix friends and synthesizer allies have done well. We have tanks ready along with something to amuse you.

*Reveals the lab of horrors. experimentation on various subjects, the relic in the center pulsating the song rich in their minds. Plump looking fleshy tanks sit there gestating something within..*

Stane: Gholas?

Waff 2: *Steps out from the shadows* Yes sir. We have decanted several individuals for creating Gholas..

Stane: Oh?

Who did you have in mind?

Waff 2: *Shows him the first tank with the pad...*

This one should interest you very much. A man you respect greatly for changing the world.

Stane: *looks at the pad grinning lightly as he reads it*

Oh my.. This is just perfect. He should be a great tool for us.

*The walk to the next abomination of a tank*

Stane: *As he looks at the pad, he stops for a moment intrigued for a moment.*

Waff 2: Yes all of these are individuals that will come in very good use against the forces here.

Stane: You have done well Waff.

How much longer?

Waff: Not long afterwards we will need to trigger their memories.

Stane: I assume you know how to do it for each one?

Waff: Of course how do you think my species survived all of this time?

Stane: *smirks his face not showing any hint of doubt* Of course.

*OOC: Saving up for a incident to occur with a very difficult choice to make... Not one made lightly. As yes the Vanguard will be facing him again. Also expect something else.*

*UNSC/CIS space*

*Separatists soon gang up on several important leaders of the place. Omarka is present here as he takes Representative Burkad and flays him alive. Others are killed in public displays of defiance. Reach's ONI facility top secret research is bombed causing more destruction. Military leaders are either shot, butchered, or poisoned. Shipyards are scuttled... No word is out as the comm center is razed and tagged with rebel symbols.

Supporters of Tyrannus are dead a great deal of them..

Tyrannus's suite he is ambushed by Biotics and funds are being depleted...

A trap is now set.*

*OOC: Gotta do it man.. Did not think they were all dead did you? No worries I don't intend to have this last long.*
OOC: Can I assume these Iconians are rebels? Because the Iconian Empire has no territory in our Galaxy. That's why they have to bring in reinforcements through the Lanco II Orbital Gate. It also makes little sense for the Iconians to enter into an alliance with the Synthesisers this soon after the Synthesisers tried to annihilate them. I'm not kidding, the Synthesisers pretty much started exterminating the Iconians in a bid to gain resources. While you may claim that the Synthesisers were not entirely responsible for the conflict with the Republic (I've been meaning to go in depth into the dawn of the conflict for a while), the Synthesisers were the aggressors against the Iconians.

Also, can you pm me about the Gholas? I have a fairly good idea about who one of them (the second one) is supposed to be, but just to put my mind at rest.

And don't you think essentially tearing the U.N.S.C. apart from within is a little extreme just to deal with Tyrannus? Granted, it makes the alliance with the Republic that much more important, but still... it's a tad extreme.

But, hey, it's Logan's faction, so I'll leave it up to him.

Oh, and since it has come up a couple of times, for future reference I don't watch Game of Thrones. If my storylines seem reminiscent of it, that's a complete coincidence.

*Lanco II, Secret underground bunker. 2 humanoid Synthesisers are standing in front of a pod as several Worker Drones scurry around.*

Synth 1: How long?

Synth 2: It's almost ready. Trying to rebuild from a cell which has been inactive for more than 10 years is difficult.

Are you sure we can't tell Adjeca?

Synth 1: Sam would not have wanted this. She saw the similarities between the two Synthesiser races, but knew that the differences would make any union short-lived. We are already fighting to survive against the Republic without fighting amongst ourselves.

*OOC: Just setting up for a storyline to explain the dawn of the Synthesiser-Republic conflict.*

*R.C.S. (Republic Colonial Ship) Shepard's Lamp, Danos Minor. The Shepard's Lamp is being accompanied by the R.S.S. Hood through the Pegasus Gate. On the other side, they are greeted by a small Space Station above a massive M-Class Planet designated as... Pegasus Prime. The Orbital Station has been named Deep Space P-01 (or "Pegasus 01"). The Shepard's Lamp will be the first vessel to begin colonisation in the Pegasus Galaxy, starting with the location where the Hood's Away Team first beamed down to the planet 3 years ago. The Republic has placed a lot of resources into the Pegasus Project, with the plan being to establish a Provisional Government covering 5 different colonies within 5 years.*

OOC: This is setting up for later, after the 20 year time-skip.

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