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08-22-2013, 02:29 PM
I personally enjoyed the new Trek movies. The first movie changed up some original canon information, but with the introduction of the Narada, changes were to be expected.

As someone with pretty extensive knowledge of Trek lore, I have only a few nitpicks with JJ Trek, and they aren't worth putting here in this debate.

As far as the story of Intro Darkness being a retread, I have to disagree pretty vehemently. The core story of a Starfleet Admiral creating a dreadnought to unify the galaxy with a military campaign has never seen the light of day on screen. It's adapted from a Diane Duane novel from the mid-1980s called "Dreadnought!" that does the concept a lot of justice by eliminating the Mary Sue characters from the story and wrapping new Trek lore introduced since then to fill in the gaps.

As a fan of the novels, I've often wondered why so many writers of Trek movies and shows to date have bypassed the work these authors put into their creations, many of which are bestsellers in their own right, and here Abrams does just that with Into Darkness, and still people whine.

Its the ultimate no-win scenario, trying to take an old favorite and age it in a new direction. You invariably have purists who can't let go of the past, who will hate it no matter how well done it is.

Me, I take this new Trek on its own merits, and side by side with the originals, it holds it own, and the returns on the investment speak to its success. The original cast has pretty universally given the new Trek their blessing, Nimoy even coming out of retirement to participate in it, so to me, it's Trek.

We, as fans, have to accept that the stories we've read in the past are not sacred texts (As a reader of the books, I can tell you that First Contact broke my heart because of how dramatically it changed the long accepted story of both Cochrane's first flight and first contact with Vulcan) and each new iteration is going to invariably change something we hold dear.

In the words of Bill Shatner, GET OVER IT!