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08-22-2013, 03:40 PM
My biggest gripe with the rep system is actually the way we accumulate experience. You have to log in and run these projects over and over again and if you want to get any of the gear you have to delay your leveling while using at least one of the slots for that project (be it a piece of equipment or a store).

My own change would be to have a single "experience" project for each tier that has the upgrade included. Set it to run for however long Cryptic feels is appropriate and then when it's done you choose your passive, slot the next one and begin working on the next tier. I'd personally stick this singular project in the upgrade section and leave the top two slots open for whatever rewards projects you're interested in running.

Still, this is a response to Havelock's initial post so...

1) Mark boxes from all missions would be nice. I like this idea and hope Cryptic will give it serious consideration in the future whether the new implementation they've promised for Season 8 works as well as they hope or not.

2) Rep Auto-Fill isn't something I'm crazy about though I do agree with you on the slider bars as they are currently implemented. Look at the first part of my post for how I would rather see them implement a solution.

3) Alt-Friendliness: I agree that in it's current state it's really not very alt-friendly but I don't think that discounts are the way to go. One of the things I've suggested to others that would be nice, and I think game appropriate, was faction wide experience where once one character of that faction reached T5 all the other characters in that same faction would be automatically advanced to 100,000 Rep XP but would still need to run the unlock projects for each teir to be able to access the rewards and stores would need to be unlocked per character as well.

3a)Account Bound Gear: Aside from the fact that KDF and Fed have different gear sets (KHG vs MACO) in the TF Omega reputation the main attraction of the different reps is the gear they have on offer. Making everything account bound instead of character kind of reduces the impetus to do the rep climb on them. On the other hand another poster suggested a "Mk XI" cutoff that makes a lot of sense - the best stuff is at the end of the rep-grind, but you can still have spillover from one character's rep progression to help another's. It also makes the Mk X and XI gear sets worth actually obtaining since you can pass them on to new alts once you're done with them.