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Originally Posted by wolfbladexz View Post
sorry im a bit late. i didn't have access to a computer the last week.

anyways, i just got that nebula class ship for free.. and i just love it to death.
and i am kinda sad that its boff layout is just so much more correct for what it is, then what the galaxy has.

as we all know, the galaxy is a versitile ship. so we want a versitile boff layout.

so here is what i would like to see the galaxy have for its boff layout. and correct me if i am wrong, but i beleive no other ship has this layout yet.

Tactical: Lt.Cmdr
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.
Universal: Ensign and Lt.

alternatively i could see this

Tactical: Lt.
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.Cmdr
Universal: Ensign and Lt.

and of course this
Tactical: 3
Engineering: 3
Science: 3
console layout

personally i would like to see a "weapon, weapon, console" set for it
the console being the saucer sep, that large beam array idea already said in this thread, and a photon torpedo version of that omega torpedo launcher would be interesting imo
Sorry, i'm late too.

I like your proposed BOFF layouts, both the tactical or the science version would be nice to have.
Personally i wouldn't mind if it would get the BOFF layout of a already existing ship, as long as it makes sense for the GCS.
Heck i would be already happy if it would just get the BOFF/console Layout of the Ambassador, as long as she finally gets something useful.

And yeah, a special console set would be very cool.

Originally Posted by otakuboyt View Post
Why not just adjust the Fleet Version, maybe even the T5 CStore version.

Lt. Commander

As long as we are looking at the Galaxy line

Galaxy X should be....

Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander
Changing already released ships isn't a very good idea IMHO.
Some people will rage, that's for sure. Even if they don't use the GCS at all.
Just look at the Moonbosh ship and how some ppl rage about the "removed" cloak, that shouldn't be part of that ship in the first place. Now imagine a ship being in the Game for almost 3 years now being changed...

But i could imagine a GCS with your suggested BOFF layout being released as part of a special Hero ship Lockbox among a reworked Intrepid and Defiant. (Althrough the Defiant doesn't really needs a rework like the GCS does IMO)

I like your idea about the uni Lt.Cmdr. and Ensign, it's unique and i think it would fit well to a GCS.
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