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08-22-2013, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by mikiiy View Post
I mailed a couple items to me just 2-3 days ago, the mails were still there yesterday, now they are gone. So yea.. i lost some items too.

Any mail i send to myself atm isn't arriving either. And yes i have a ton of old mails from the past... but those shouldn't count for the limits!

Any mailsystem that just eats mails when the box is full is poor design anyway.
Like I said earlier in the thread, if you delete some of the earliest mails, you'll see newer ones appearing.

The earliest mail I have is June 25 - I'd be happy to delete most of my inbox - but I am not going to sit and delete each and every mail, when there are hundreds to delete and it's two clicks per mail to delete. It will take hours to delete every mail to unlock upto the end of August.

As the patch said, we've been limited to viewing 300 mails - but for some reason, it seems to be our earliest 300.