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Originally Posted by cgta1967 View Post
not related to your post at all, I just wanted to point something I noticed that this statement made me remember:


I watched Quinto's Spock and I also just got done re-watching Spock on the original series via netfix.

Zackary did very very well in emulating the original Spock, he even got Nimoy's 'walk' very close ( it hit me hard when Nimoy was walking out of the doorway on an episode and I thought to myself "oh my gawd, they even walk the same too !!" ).

The new movies did a very good homage to the original series actors in this aspect ... there were many moments in the two recent movies where I physically laughed aloud because I caught on to their very well played ( and well thought out and practiced ) homages.

Pine got 'Shatner Kirks' mannerisms down good too I thought.

ok...back to the thread.,
Yes, that was probably poor phrasing on my part or at least I should have expanded on it. What I meant "not Nimoy's Spock" is due to the events of the Narada coming through and wreaking havoc with the timeline, Quinto Spock's actions, experiences are now turned on end compared to Nimoy's Spock. So he'll have these emotional outbursts and other things that we would never have seen with Nimoy's Spock. I'll also add to your post that Karl Urban does a damn good McCoy as well. I remember in the first movie thinking I was looking at a young Deforrest Kelley. All the new characters actually do good jobs with their characters. Only one that I think may be a little over the top is Checkov. His russian accent seems more forced that Koenig's.
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