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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Ramez: What the hell?! What is going on here?!

*OOC: Someone forget who you just through into the smoking hot fire of infernal firy fire? *
OOC: Wink wink wink I know. Not going to kill him. But going to give him ample suspicions. Omarka is working for someone. Obvious sort of but not the favorite recently.

*Omarka removes his hood and stares at Ramez.*

Omarka: Perfect. Take him.. We are going to have some fun with this one.

*OOC: No not going to do it.. Just going to imply that torture did happen. Also gonna work the relic the Republic has in a good way not implicating the Eblisi*

Omarka: *tags his comm * Has his wealth been dispersed?

good. Leave our mark..

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