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08-22-2013, 06:59 PM
I agree with most of your comments Havelock.

I like the idea of offering marks as mission awards once a player reaches lvl 50. I have 40 alts myself & have never finished any of the faction story lines. Since I reach lvl 50 long before the story line ends, I stop & go STFin. I would however go back & finish the episodes if mark were rewarded. It's a good incentive imo.

I'll stand by my request for an a/c wide Rep system unlock however. One toon has to complete the entire Rep system, thereafter all Alts have immediate access to Rep gear. I'd even forego any Rep discount, pay full price, & purchase more Rep gear if I could equip my Alts immediately without having to unlock the Rep store for every Alt first.

If Cryptic is adamant about not allowing the Rep system to be an a/c wide unlock, I would suggest that the time (& costs) to complete the Rep system be reduced. If the Rep system is another sink for player's consumables/currency, & I believe it is, make it easier to purchase items. I like Rep gear, it's useful. I completed the Rep system on only one toon myself however. I refuse to complete it on any other Alts as silent protest for the time & costs it takes. The current state of the Rep system PUNISHES players with Alts and it shouldn't. It comes down to a simple economic principle - make an item easier to purchase, & more you'll sell.