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08-22-2013, 08:12 PM
I agree with everything the OP wrote. Doing rep on 1 character is acceptable, 2 is not so bad. However when you get to the third it simply saps your will to live. Ok thats going too far but it is seriously mind numbing doing the same old STFs over and over again.

However, one point I would like to make is that its not the rep system thats the issue in itself, thats merely a symptom of the real problem, the whole endgame.

Lack of variety, more is needed.

4 missions fighting Borg in space one of which is still bugged unless they've sorted Hive Onslaught lately. Another 4 ground, one of which is also bugged. I like the ground missions but they're not exactly wildly popular. Azure Nebula is tolerable, Vault Ensnared is good, Colony Invasion is fast and furious and quick and easy. Minetrap is awesome, so many ways it can go wrong but the reward is pretty decent for time invested. I also enjoy the Elachi station invasion one and Starbase Incursion but there needs to be others.

2 more ground PVE games, Breaking the Planet and the Big Dig. Does anyone ever play those anymore? Ground Nukara missions now no longer a need to go to Nukara, just queue for it instead. Plus its kind of meh anyway given that people queue for it without equipping an EV suit.

Federation get Starbase 24, KDF get diddly squat. Why not do a KDF Outpost 42 with the Federation being the attacking force. Or at the very least create a new joint Starbase mission that everyone can join, defending against the Breen or Undine or somebody.

KDF and Federation working together in Omega Force yet still can't team up for joint missions on Defera. I mean seriously sort that out its a nightmare for KDF players to get a team for a hard run sometimes.

More enemies to test our mettle against.

Theres a wealth of useful material in Trek and its not being used. DS9 and the war against the Dominion. Why can't we have some large fleet battle PVE event to simulate that period? It can all be explained by being a tactical simulation in a holodeck anyway. Klingon Civil War between Gowron and House of Duras backed Romulans. Its all there if you choose to use it.

Put the Krenim timeship in there or the Husnock warship and let a fleet of players try to bring it down. Just do something to mix it up a little. Plus make some of them seriously hard that they require tactics and class diversity to succeed. Sure some people will whine but the veteran players will thank you for it.

Factional Rep for one and all.

The issue I think was allowing people to do more than one Rep. They should have split it up given each character a choice Romulan, Omega, MACO/KHG, Nukara etc with different faction specific rewards to promote diversity and probably different end game STFs or mission requirements. At least that way you'd be more inclined to roll a new alt to see something different and try out new skills.

Too late now I guess.

Anyway sorry to go off point a bit OP but thats my issue with the game even though I like it a lot. Not enough variation and enjoyable ways to earn marks. Plus there really is no actual end goal to achieve.

Its a perpetual quest for better gear to do the same old events over and over, to get even better gear to.....
Mr Spock would say that is very illogical considering you've done those events hundreds of times before with bog standard gear.

Sure its an MMO and they all have an element of grind but some things can go to far. Especially if S8 brings yet another rep system for us to jump through hoops.

Its also not just the rep system, the fleet system is equally busted, timegated and an excercise in moving sliders to the right. Don't get me started talking about PVP I would love to do that too if it had some actual balance, a ranking system for fair matches and a real purpose in actually playing it with real rewards.

Anyway said enough, sorry guys and apologies for the wall of text.

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